Groovy Nutra Liver Support Duo Refresh 100 Tablets Promotes Natural Cleanse & Detox


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Groovy Nutra Liver Support duo Detox is an Perfect medicine that is very effective in the treatment of hepatitis, jaundice, fatty liver, cirrhosis, ascites and other liver disorders. Groovy Nutra Liver Support duo Detox prevents hepatic disorders and stimulates appetite and growth. It also helps in the regeneration of hepatic cells.


Why Liver Detox?

Liver’s primary function is to check and filter all the toxins that come from the stomach. The toxins present in food or drink is converted into waste; any malfunction in the liver’s job allows harmful substances to enter the body and create innumerable health ailments.

Contrary to popular belief, healthy foods too have some amount of unseen toxins. It is nearly impossible to eat or drink anything that is 100% toxin-free; hence, making the ‘check post’ more efficient through natural liver cleansing herbal formula is the only solution to help recover liver from fatty liver like conditions.

Groovy Nutra Liver Support Duocis a scientifically and clinically proven enhanced Nutraceutical formula that provides the necessary nutrients to the hepatobiliary system. Naturamore Nutri Liver contains natural herbs such as Milk Thistle, Kutki, Bhuiamla, Punarnava, Kakmachi, Chicory, Chirayita and Siberian Ginseng which are useful in maintaining liver health by providing the necessary functional nutrition to the liver.

Liver Detox is highly effective in the treatment of :

  1. Hepatitis
  2. Cirrhosis of Liver
  3. Alcohol/Drugs Induced Hepatitis
  4. Fatty Liver
  5. Sluggish/Swollen Liver
  6. Jaundice

How To Use For Best Results?

1- Take 2 tablets daily

2- Eat healthy and exercise regularly

3- Follow for 4-6 months for best results


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